Official Wedding Photos

All photos here are low resolution versions to aid in loading the page. Below are a selection of a few of our favourite shots from our professional photographer Snowden Photography. You can view the full album (500 shots) via the link for customer photos and clicking on "Andrew and Carolyn 17-9-11" at the bottom of the page, or directly at this link - then enter the password when prompted - you can also buy copies directly from the photographer via the website should you wish to do so. If you do not have the password, please contact either of us and we will gladly supply you with it. This is simply to stop people we don't want to seeing our photos!

Best Man and Groom before it all begins.
The rings.
The bride and her father share a moment before the ceremony begins.
Bride and groom see each other for the first time in all their finery. Best Man can't resist a look too!
Signing the register, with the mothers as our witnesses.
The assembled guests across the road from the hotel.
Cutting the cake
With the groom's mother.
The obligatory confetti shot
With the bride's parents.
The groom's family.
The bride's family.
The bridesmaids, Best Man, flowergirl and ringbearer.
The bride
The bride waits whilst the groom's mobile phone distracts him briefly.
A presentation to the bride... not a new car, not a personalised numberplate... but a picture of a car with a numberplate with her new initials on it...
Handing over a family heirloom (circa 1971) to the new Mrs Down.
The end of the first dance. We did do all the right moves perfectly... just not necessarily in the right order at the right time, but I think we got away with it.
Guests look on in bewilderment as one of our band members serenades them during a musical interlude on the two operative musical toilet, known as the Boghorn.
A little silliness to round off the evening, as the groom, Best Man and their assistants do their Blues Brothers impression.