Wedding Photos from our guests

All photos are low resolution versions to aid in loading the page.

Thank you to all the guests who let us have a copy of their photos on the day. Here's a small selection of some of our favourites. Higher resolution copies are available on request.

Table decorations
Our lovely cakes
Our real Postbox, courtesy of Inspire Me Designs. Carolyn's dad used to be a postman, and we thought it would be a nice touch instead of the typical cardboard box or bird cage for people to put their gifts in. Notice also the grey mail sack to the right for things that won't go through the slot!
Our guest book, created for us by Jayne at Puddycards.
Our sweet table, full of sugary delights from our childhood. Judging by how little was left at the end of the day, most people enjoyed it not once but several times!
Our custom made coloured heart shaped sugar cubes in our colourscheme. Turning the coffee green was an unexpected side effect!
A wider view of our tables.
Just after the ceremony during the blessing service. I think someone's taking our picture...
Continuing with our 80's mentions, what's that song by ABC, "The look of love"?
Entrance into the garden as Mr and Mrs.
Posed shot but it hopefully gives you an idea of how everything all came together including our autumnal theme and colour scheme.
The rings, of course...
The happy couple and two of the bridesmaids holding the train.
The happy couple with mother of the groom having our photo taken professionally.
The bride's family having their picture taken professionally.
The obligatory confetti shot.

It gets everywhere, both inside and outside...

Groom's buttonhole. Om nom nom...
Mother of the groom enjoying a big burger from the barbecue wedding breakfast.
Top table chowing down.
A table full of guests having a great time.
Groom's speech. The rolling pin is a family heirloom, passed now to the new Mrs Down. It is explained in detail in the speech the symbolic significance of a rolling pin in a marriage, and why it is not to be used as a weapon.
Cutting the cake.
First dance. Instead of a disco we chose to have a barn dance, ably run by the Hambledon Hopstep Band from Shaftesbury in Dorset. We did a traditional irish routine called The Coolagh, to the tune of "Daisy Daisy" which I'm sure you all know.
... and the dancing continues. The Hambledon Hopstep Band did a fantastic job of keeping the floor full all evening.
Even long into the evening the floor remained packed. We even caught a glimpse at one point of the hotel staff taking a break from clearing up, joining in our dancing through the partly open kitchen door!
A musical interlude. Nick Crump (left) from the band is a music teacher who goes round schools teaching about unusual instruments. Here is one of his creations, the two player Boghorn, created from an old toilet. It has both bass and treble tubes - a guest is assisting him here in playing a tune of sorts, and the pedal operated lid acts as a mute and volume control. It's surprisingly effective! It is tuned to the key of Andrex.
Chatting in the bar with some guests.
We got to our room to find that our bed had been decorated for us.
First sunrise on our new and happy life together.